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5 December 2018

NTACC – Developed for Nurses by Nurses.


NTACC – Nurse Trauma and Critical Care

The ATACC Groups is proud to introduce NTACC our new and exciting 2 day course developed to meet the requirements of Level 1 and 2 of the Nursing and Allied Health Professionals Trauma Competencies in the Emergency Department as defined by the National Major Trauma Nursing Group.

What makes NTACC unique?

Our course has been developed by The ATACC Group team of senior emergency nurses and nurse practitioners, to directly meet the needs of trauma nurses. All of the theory content is seamlessly integrated into the scenario-based training, allowing the learners to truly experience the difficulties and challenges, whilst learning how to tackle them in a safe and effective way. It is designed to equip nurses working in emergency departments with the necessary skills to manage an acute adult or paediatric trauma patient.

This dynamic & innovative course is delivered by carefully chosen and experienced instructors in our state of the art interactive, immersive, teaching center. This allows us to take a fresh approach to training and to truly engage learners in a realistic environment using interactive technology, live actors and high fidelity SFX.

NTACC is delivered in our immersive education center

Key points of The ATACC Group, Immersive Education Centre:

A versatile space that accommodates simple lectures and hugely immersive educational experiences

An interactive classroom with multiple interactive teaching walls

Our immersive space allows candidates to experience the hazards and complexities of working within the emergency departments within a safe environment Multiple breakout rooms.

In addition to the 21st-century classroom, we further augment the reality with professional live actors as patients and professional special effects to simulate their injuries.

Our trauma patients are not plastic mannikins in a training room, our location, our casualties, and our training all feels real.

“ The NTACC course is a perfect fit for nurses that are involved in the care of trauma patients. Guided by a team of passionate and knowledgable facilitators, a seamless blend of classroom, workshop and moulage experiences are managed. Upon completion of NTACC, the cumulative effect of simulation, teaching, discussion and debrief allows meaningful reflection and personal development in its candidates within emergency and critical care.”

Connor Bond, Emergency Care Nurse Accident & Emergency Department, Croydon University Hospital