Clinical governance is a continuous process of improvement and accountability designed to establish, maintain and improve high standards of clinical care.

This process will ensure that training and the delivery of care meet all of the necessary performance standards, but it will also ensure that the training is responsive and correctly reflects the nature and type of work of the organisation.

Improvements are driven through auditing systems, processes and practices to maintain safe clinical effectiveness, in addition to national and international guidelines and best practice.
A robust clinical governance process will ensure that the care provided by your organisation is safe, relevant and effective. As a result, your staff will feel that they work in a system that is supportive, responsiveness and truly empowering.


The ATACC Group specialists have extensive experience in establishing and overseeing Clinical Governance across the Emergency Services, Industry and the NHS.

We are leaders in Clinical Governance for Police Forces, Fire and Rescue Services, Airport Fire and Rescue Services, and selected private sector industries across the UK and Internationally.



Effective Clinical Governance forms a fundamental requirement in the College of Policing First Aid standards. The ATACC Group are the holders of the National Framework Contract for First Aid Training and Clinical Governance for Police. This was awarded by the Police and Crime Commissioner for GMP to deliver the First Aid Learning Programme (FALP) and all aspects of associated Clinical Governance.

Fire & Rescue

The National Fire Chiefs Council have recognised the need to establish effective Clinical Governance within UK Fire and Rescue Services (FRS). The ATACC Group are the longest standing provider of Clinical Governance for FRS in the UK, with over 15 years’ experience in the field Our Medical Director is also the UK’s first appointed Fire and Rescue Service Medical Director. Effective Clinical Governance supports the evolving role of UK Fire and Rescue, delivering casualty care and a comprehensive rescue capability. Our Clinical Governance introduces a process to support , maintain and improve the quality, effectiveness, and safety of this care. This also improves staff engagement, morale and public perception of the Service.



Penthrox was launched in the UK by Galen Pharmaceuticals and they chose ATACC to write and produce their educational content. This material had to become the core of all Penthrox training delivered across the UK and as such had to be approved and satisfy the stringent requirements set by the MHRA. ATACC have produced an educational summary of the history, the safety and the incredible effectiveness of this agent in a Penthrox Administration Trainer and Provider course.

As part of our role in the introduction of Penthrox, we hosted expert workshop groups and ran clinical pilots in a diverse range of trauma situations, including RTCs, burns and even in a cave rescue, for the first time in the UK. As Penthrox became more familiar we presented at Trauma Care, World Extreme Medicine and other events to describe it’s value. We worked together with Sir Keith Porter and the MHRA to seek approval for use by Police and Fire and Rescue Services.



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