As the custodians of the world famous ATACC Course, we specialise in high fidelity, immersive education and all of this experience cascades down through every level of our training.

Our mission statement is “empowering people to save lives” and that runs through everything that we do! From our entry-level First Aid courses, through our entire Immediate Emergency Care Programme (IECP), up to our advanced-level critical care courses.

All our courses avoid over-complication and unnecessary content, to clearly define what really matters, ensuring that the simple things are done well, to buy time for the more advanced skills that follow.

Realistic, hands-on, experiential learning has always been at the core of our training, with short theory sessions, followed by practical skills, all brought together in our casualty simulations.

In addition to our training courses, The ATACC Group are the UK’s leading provider of Clinical Governance for Emergency Services and also high-risk industries, backed by our Medical Advisory Group, with extensive experience from the NHS and the Major Trauma Networks. This provision ensures that standards of training, delivery and equipment are met and offers extended services such as Service testing and Incident debriefs for learning and welfare.

Our consultancy work also extends into Medical technology and development, including simulation, rescue equipment and a number of key new medical devices.

Our latest area of business is Digital Education for establishing Medical Communities. Whether it is a large-scale international conference or personal private study, our brand new educational Metaverse ‘ATACC World’ will potentially offer a diverse and unlimited range of interactive medical education, which will also potentially generate the world’s largest medical community. The capabilities of the ATACC World are as big as your imagination, sharing best practice, promoting knowledge transfer, encouraging the development of high-quality CPD and making medical conferences accessible, reaching communities normally unable to attend. We saved the best until last – it will be free to subscribe!


Dr Mark ForestDr Mark Forest out of work

Dr Mark Forrest

Medical Director

Dr Mark Forrest BSc Hons MB ChB FRCA FICM FFSEM is our Medical Director. He is an NHS Associate Medical Director and a Consultant in Anaesthetics, Critical Care and Prehospital Care. Mark is also the Founder of ATACC and has spent more than 25 years tirelessly delivering world-renowned teaching, innovating, simulating and making the impossible seem to happen.

Danny Ambler at ATTACC GroupDanny Ambler outside of work

Danny Ambler

Managing Director

With a background in Project and Account Management, Danny is responsible for evolving customer relationships and bringing The ATACC Group to the forefront of the Medical Education world with innovative ideas and technology. He also oversees the operations team, ensuring that the day to day business is running smoothly.

Lee Winterbottom of The ATACC GroupLee Winterbottom outside of work

Lee Winterbottom

Director of Quality and Governance

Lee works closely with the Medical Director and Medical Advisory Group to provide clinical oversight and support to our customers and partner organisations. His efforts ensure that organisations are accountable for continuously improving the quality of their services and delivering high standards of care.

Jess Edmondson of The ATACC GroupJess Edmondson outside of work

Jess Edmondson

Head of Operations

Jess spends most of her time building and developing systems that improve, optimise, and automate current processes. She also works with the training team to ensure that all of our training courses is delivered to the highest standards.

Hannah Davis of The ATACC GroupHananh Davis outside of work

Hannah Davis

Head of Media & Marketing

The Queen of logos, Hannah is our social media and E-Commerce guru. From sourcing and ordering new products to packing and sending your orders, her other skills involve creating social media posts and our training documents.

Darren Roberts of The ATACC GroupDarren Roberts of The ATACC Group

Darren Roberts

Lead Instructor: Casualty Care

Darren spent 9 years in the military, serving in airborne forces, during this time he undertook significant medic training and team medic.  Once leaving the military Darren ran a large athlete medical & performance programme for many years in professional action sports.  Most recently Darren deployed to Ukraine shortly after the invasion with a British Charity delivering aid, rescuing civilians from Donbas and working as a medic, before returning to UK in September 2022.  Now back in the UK Darren is working with ATACC as Tactical Lead training Armed Response Police and CTSFO on their medic training.

Harriet Lawrance

Lead Instructor – Nursing

Debbie Townsend of The ATACC GroupDebbie Townsend

Debbie Townsend

Training Co-ordinator

As part of the training team, Debbie ensures that all candidates who attend our training receive their certification. Her other responsibilities include auditing training kit, customer liaison and preparing training materials.

paige from ATACC course familypaige ice hockey planet ice

Paige Fairhurst

Training Co-ordinator

As part of the training team, Paige aids in booking courses and liaising with our customers and trainers to support the day to day running of our training. Her other responsibilities include assisting with training kit and liaising with delegates on our NTACC and ATACC courses as well as assisting with internal reporting to ensure courses are being delivered to the highest standard.

mike foster from ATACC course familyabous us from ATACC course family

Mike Foster

Training Co-ordinator

As part of the training team Mike ensures courses run smoothly and are forecasted in advance for our partners.

His other responsibilities include onsite IT support, kit maintenance and he has shown a keen interest in developing his skills to become a part of “The LAB” Team, specifically working with technology!

Lucy Preston

SFX / Sim Tech

Charlotte Downham of The ATACC GroupCharlotte Downham

Charlotte Downham

Customer Service Assistant

The first point of contact, Charlotte administers all our enquiries to ensure you speak to the right member of the team to suit your needs. She also plays a key role in planning the ATACC Course, everything from managing the candidates to the organisation and logistics of hotels, hospitality and resources.

Deborah Aspinall of The ATACC GroupDeborah Aspinall outside of work

Deborah Aspinall

Financial Controller

Overseeing all the incomings and outgoings of the business, Deb is also responsible for day-to-day finance tasks. She also analyses and reports on the business financial data and chases the guys for receipts!

Stuart Lee

IT Manager

Craig Sephton of The ATACC GroupCraig Sephton

Craig Sephton

Lead IQA and Compliance Manager

Craig ensures that the ATACC Group has effective, robust and transparent Internal Quality Assurance. This includes the safety, fairness, validity and reliability of training delivery, assessment methods and decisions. These standards will also uphold the credibility of the qualification and reputation of not only the ATACC Group but will also equally measure and match those expectations set by QNUK and appropriate awarding bodies.
John Parkinson of The ATACC GroupJogn Parkinson

John Parkinson

Assurance and Education

With a focus on goals and personal development, John offers a solution-focussed approach to learning. His experience within the Fire Service allows him to deliver an experiential methodology to both support and challenge clients’ thinking.

Nic Sparrow of The ATACC GroupNic Sparrow of The ATACC Group

Nic Sparrow

Director – ATACC Canada

Nic specialises in Emergency Medicine and is an EMS Physician. He also works as a rural emergency room physician in British Columbia, Canada and has been active in prehospital care for over 15 years.


Dr Eimhear Quinn of The ATACC GroupDr Eimhear Quinn of The ATACC Group

Dr Eimhear Quinn

Consultant in Emergency Medicine and HEMS Doctor

Eimhear is an Emergency Department Consultant at Salford Royal Hospital and flies with the Northwest Air Ambulance.

Dr Rob Greenhalgh of The ATACC GroupDr Rob Greenhalgh of The ATACC Group

Dr Rob Greenhalgh

Emergency Medicine
and HEMS Doctor

Rob works in Emergency Departments and across the South-East of England as a HEMS doctor.
Dr James Tooley of The ATACC GroupDr James Tooley of The ATACC Group

Dr James Tooley

Consultant in Paediatrics and Neonatal Intensive Care

James is a Paediatric and Neonatal Retrieval Medicine Consultant based out of Bristol.  He is also a Critical Care Doctor for Great Western Air Ambulance.
Dr Drew Welch of The ATACC GroupDr Drew Welch of The ATACC Group

Dr Drew Welch

Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine

Drew is a Consultant Anaesthetist at the West Suffolk Hospital and a HEMS Consultant with the East Anglian Air Ambulance

Dr Jill Selfridge

Consultant Anaesthetist / Intensivist

Jill is a Consultant Anaesthetist in Intensive Care for the Scottish NHS