The ATACC world is our ground-breaking Metaverse. A unique medical educational facility that can be used in countless diverse and innovative ways. Our plaza welcomes our delegates and presents them with pathways and routes into a completely immersive world, that they can explore as their own avatar, interacting real-time with avatars of colleagues from across the globe. As they enter each part of the world, there is totally different experience, from sitting in our 3,000 seater arena watching a lecture on the largest video screen imaginable, to walking through a real prehospital incident and interacting and learning from everything that they can see or even relaxing in our wellbeing and ATACC-fit zone.

We are only just scratching the surface of what can be achieved in The ATACC world and even our new virtual trauma manual will be launched here in a unique interactive format. Working together with our developer partners at Pixelmax, the possibilities are endless and this truly is as big as your imagination!

The ATACC World
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