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Simulation is used to help all our customers achieve a realistic platform
necessary for enhanced learning, from road side collisions to active
shooter simulations our expert multi-disciplinary team
help you achieve your learning objectives.

The ATACC Faculty has developed a system of using Casualty Simulation, Actors,
Scenarios, Equipment, Environment, Review & Risk to create these complex
simulations for customers and events globally. Through this methodology
we have facilitated exercises and conferences which have included the world
famous SMACC Medical Conference.

Active shooter Simulation for the world famous
SMACC Conference

ATACC Faculty members were some of the first in the UK to use medium and high fidelity human simulators in realistic scenarios. However, nearly 20 years later the focus is now on maximising the learning experience and this approach has led to a worldwide reputation in trauma, critical care, prehospital care, tactical and emergency medicine.

Our simulations are scalable from a simple single casualty sim, right up to
a large scale major incident with hundreds of participants.

Key points of one of the most versatile classrooms you will find:

  • Imaging complex realistic simulations
  • Developed with over 20 years with the ATACC Faculty
  • Create unique ground breaking simulations to deliver educational objectives
  • Boost learning and retention
  • Optimise your team’s CRM/TTM skills