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ITACC offers one of the most versatile training packages currently available for Medical & Trauma Casualty care.

ITACC is part of the Integrated Emergency Care Programme (IECP) developed by the world renowned ATACC Faculty.

Individual price  £475.00 + VAT

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Course Overview

  • Cost – £475.00*
    (per person)
  • Duration
    – 3 days
  • Valid for 3 years
    (based on an annual refresher)

* All costs are subject to VAT

Course Dates

Starts Ends Status Location  
12th September 2017 9:00am 14th September 2017 4:30pm Places Available PITRA | Stockport Book this course

Course Information

ITACC is normally a 3 day course, but with additional special modules, specific for the organisation involved, this can extend to 5 days if required.

The course follows the typical ATACC style of short punchy lectures, mixed with demonstrations, skill stations and highly realistic scenarios.

The complexity is gradually increased from simple bleeding initially through to full major polytrauma or the seriously ill medical patient.

The Course is ideal for Firefighters involved in Co-responding or Forced entry schemes and meets Level E of training, as defined by the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care for providers..

Candidates can enter the IECP programme directly at the ITACC level as long as they have completed a first aid course, such as FTACC in advanced. It is not necessary to complete a BTACC course first.

Intermediate Trauma and casualty Care (ITACC) extends the skills of the BTACC provider at every level and introduces more detail, more equipment and more extensive assessments.

This will include: Haemostatics, I-gel airways, Traction splints, Triage and other optional skills such as Penthrox, Entonox, Medical emergencies and Medical Rescue.

The course is equivalent to the Police College D13/D13E or Level 5 and is ideal for Firearms Officers, Public order, Fire & Rescue Medics or High risk industry workers.

The course is ideal for those who will be instructing at the BTACC level, as it improves confidence and provides additional knowledge to further understanding.

ITACC is our highest level of training that can be delivered by in-house instructors from and organisation.

  • Enhanced care of medical conditions
  • Extended airway skills eg I-gel or LMA
  • Haemostatics and wound packing
  • Assessment of head injury
  • Abdominal Assessment
  • Analgesia eg Penthrox or Entonox
  • Traction splints
  • Spinal Trauma
  • Crush & suspension trauma
  • Heat stroke and exhaustion
  • Excitation delirium and overdosel Burns, Thermal Injury & electrocution
  • Bombs, Blasts & Ballistics
  • Drowning & immersion
  • Paediatric & small adults Managing the pregnant patient
  • Transfer of the Critically Ill Patient
  • Mass casualty management/major civilian disasters
  • Casualty triage.

More modules are available on request

For more information about this course Enquire

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