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First Aid at Work

First Aid At Work – FTACC 3 Days offers a brand new and unique approach to First Aid Training

FTACC is equivalent to PHEM level B, as defined by
the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care for providers.

Individual price  £275.00 + VAT

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Course Overview

  • Cost – £275.00*
    (per person)
  • Duration
    – 3 days
  • Valid for 3 years

* All costs are subject to VAT

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Course Information

FTACC offers a brand new and ground breaking approach to first aid training. Whilst the key elements are unchanged, how we deliver the training, reinforce it and keep the candidates engaged is where we have made considerable progress.

This course has been well established within the UK Emergency service staff and receives excellent feedback. First aid is no longer simply an annual tick-box exercise but focussed training that empowers individuals to feel confident and effective in delivering first aid.

Following the completion of FTACC, individuals or organisations can then proceed to the higher level of training called BTACC (Basic trauma & Casualty Care).

FTACC is equivalent to PHEM level B, as defined by the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care for providers. .

Candidates must be at least 16 years of age.

The objectives of this course are clear and traditionally well defined by the Health and Safety Executive.

The course will:

  • Inform the candidates about current Health and Safety regulations and how it impacts them at work.
  • Ensures that candidates can make an emergency call and know how to interact with the emergency services and prepare for their arrival.
  • Provide training with practical and effective first aid.

This was previously very simple and straight forward with the approved First Aid at Work (FAW) course and training organisations registered with the HSE and approved to deliver the course.

Whilst this was simple, it was also far from ideal, as one course simply cannot ‘fit all’. For example, an office worker is unlikely to face the same first aid challenges as an operational police officer, a firefighter or a tree surgeon.

  • Safety
  • Calling for Help
  • Immediate Assesment – BURPS
  • Bleeding – BURPS
  • Major Bleeding – BURPS
  • No Signs of Life
  • Unconscious / Very Drowsy
  • Respiratory Distress – BURPS
  • Pain or Numbness – BURPS
  • Skin – Appearance & Temperature – BURPS
  • Special Circumstances

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