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19 January 2017

Supporting the vision of Dr John Hinds – Delta7.


Dr John Hinds was a remarkable clinician and inspiration to many through his unorthodox combination of being a fantastically talented clinician and educator, as well as a motorcycle enthusiast with a ponytail.

Dr John Hinds was an anaesthetist, intensivist, prehospital and trauma resuscitation specialist.

Dr John Hinds pioneered in advanced prehospital trauma care and was a master educator to all those who were privileged to work with him. He was renowned worldwide for his skills, wit, and ability. He tragically died while providing medical cover during a motorcycling road race in July 2015. Before his death, John had begun the groundwork to have a dedicated doctor & Paramedic delivered emergency medical service in Northern Ireland. He wanted to save more lives. It is up to us to continue where John left off… Inspiring others to be the best.

It is a privilege to be asked by the family and colleagues of Dr John Hinds if we could contribute to establishing Johns dream of a world-class Doctor & Paramedic delivered, prehospital service in Northern Ireland which will save lives.

We have spread the word and kept his name and vision alive at events and supported the family’s objectives with an online platform www.delta7hems.com as well as a symbol and pin badges to represent John and his continuing legacy. The funds raised will be used to support Doctor and Paramedic ancillary training costs for the new NI HEMS, which would have been a cause close to John’s Heart