First Aid and Medical Rescue Affiliation

An exciting opportunity for training providers to partner with The ATACC Group.

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Professional Package

First Aid Trauma & Casualty Care

  • Emergency First Aid (EFAW)
  • First Aid at Work (FAW)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)

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Enterprise Package

Integrated Emergency Care

  • Emergency First Aid (EFAW)
  • First Aid at Work (FAW)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Basic Trauma & Casualty Care (BTACC)
  • Rescue Trauma & Casualty Care (RTACC)

Enterprise Datasheet

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Why The ATACC Group

The ATACC Group are a global network of passionate, leading professionals from medical, rescue & tactical backgrounds.

We are supported by our Medical Advisory Group that measures and monitors the latest updates and best practices ensuring standards are consistently challenged and met.

What are the benefits

  • Regular clinical updates
  • Tailored marketing materials
  • Customer support
  • Online Directory Listing
  • Start up medical and Moulage kits
  • Instructor standardisation
  • Administrator support and guidance
  • The opportunity to advance your skills and knowledge
  • Annual conferences

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MAG | Medical Advisory Group

Continous improvement, governance, risk monitoringand compliance.

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Where can this lead me

A world of opportunity awaits

With our ever expanding network we offer all our affiliates access to a global market by becoming an affiliate leader and increasing our network overseas as well as in the UK.