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Tactical Trauma Conference 2019



08 - 09 October

Södra STADSBERGET 1, 852 38 Sundsvall, Sweden


The ATACC Group has been advocating the importance of Interagency collaboration within the emergency services for over 20 years. Learning from one another, sharing best practices and methodology is key to ensuring better patient care throughout.

The ATACC Group will be supporting the Tactical Trauma Conference 2019 as both guest speakers and leading the tactical workshops advocating the importance of interagency collaboration and working together as a team.

The workshop involves more than 10 of our faculty and takes place on the Monday of the conference. It consists of short skill sessions and updates before a series of full-scale tactical exercises, with each one delivering a different aspect of terror-related operations, tactics, trauma and tactical medicine.

Scenarios 01 – Borne Attack
Scenarios 02 – Corrosive Attack
Scenarios 03 – Bomb Blast

Tactical Trauma19 is organised by the Emergency Clinic/EMS, County Council of Västernorrland with helpful input from the Police Tactical Unit, Västernorrland. The conference has been made possible thanks to a donation from The Swedish Carnegie Hero Fund.

Simulation Training

The ATACC Group delivered an active shooter simulation to a packed audience at the SMACCDUB conference.